Monday, August 27, 2012

Eagle-Owl at its best

Today I went to the Ohlsdorf cementary to show somebody the Eagle-Owl there, but it seemed like we were going to miss it. I had already shown this magnificient bird to some other people, but not always had it been easy to find it, but I was still quite disappointed, that this time I couldn't find it. But then, already on our way back to the metro station we suddenly saw somebody with a huge camera standing on the grass. Guess who he was taking pictures of:
After taking tons of pictures we moved on to the Duvenstedter Brook, where I could get her another 3 lifers: Tawny Owl, Whinchat and Honey-Buzzard. Well she discovered the Honey-Buzzard herself...
It was a very nice day!


  1. Dear Maffong,

    I came across your blog when I did an internet search for "Duvenstedter Brook birds." My husband and I will be in Hamburg for 3 days in October for a business meeting. I am looking for a park or other natural area where we can get away from the city and take a stroll, possibly see some wildlife. Do you have a recommendation?
    Kindest regards,
    Portland Oregon, USA

    1. You could go to the Wedeler Marsch, which is in the west of Hamburg, during the migration time there is a lot of bird action and I'm sure you'd like it. You could also visit the Duvenstedter Brook, which is especially interesting in the evening during October, since the deer are in their rutting season and show very well. The Winsener Marsch might also be a good idea
      Kind regards

  2. Thank you, Mathieu. Your recommendations are very helpful!