Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nemesis reptile

Yesterday I went to the Duvenstedter Brook in hope of getting a shot of a Woodcock, which are displaying at this time of year. I got to see one, but didn't get any shot, because it just flew over and it was already much too dark for a shot without flash. Apart from that there are also Corn Crakes and Quails calling for the last days, and I even got to see the back of a quail. But the non-bird highlights for the last night were much more cooperative: My absolute nemesis-reptile, 2 Common European Adders, and another wish-reptile, 1 Slow Worm lay on the way just after dawn, profiting from the higher temperature there. There were also two Roe fawns and 1 Fallow Deer calf with their families. Also did the Cranes have success with one youngster.
I love the Duvenstedter Brook!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend in Büsum

Büsum is a small town in the north of Germany, very close to the North sea. Me and my family went there, and as we had made no plan for the following days I used on of the days to go birding.
I already woke up at 4AM and then walked the whole day along the coast, in the end about 30km. This is the way I went (also some kilometers back, which makes 30km in the end): Way
On the way I encountered 9 new species for this year, some of them made me really happy!

The new species were Common, Arctic and Gull-billed Tern, Little Gull, Golden Plover, Bar-tailed Godwit, Spoonbill, Bearded Tit, Montagu's Harrier

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In summer all the insects come to life and so do the damselflies. Following the last post from Chris I will also now report what I've seen so far, because I'm not only birdwatching, but also searching for other animals, in this case damselflies, some of them are real beauties!
Demoiselle Agrion male, I'll try to get a female too...
Banded Agrion Male
Banded Agrion Female
Common Ischnura, probably male
Large Red Damselfly
Large Red Damselfly
Green Lestes male
Red-eyed damselfly male
Red-eyed damselfly female
Common Coenagrions mating
Common Coenagrion juvenile
Common Coenagrion male
Common Coenagrion female
Variable Coenagrion
Northern Coenagrion
Emperor Dragonfly juvenile
Four Spotted Libellula
Four Spotted Libellula
Broad bodied Libellula female
Leucorrhinia pectoralis
Leucorrhinia pectoralis
Leucorrhinia rubicunda
Downy Emerald
Ruddy Sympetrum female

Friday, June 10, 2011


It's been a long time, since I've posted something the last time. During this time I have seen many new and interesting birds, as you can see in the "Interesting sightings" to the left. Birdnames written in only big letters mean a new species for me (probably you understood this already).
Well, I have been to Lisbon, so just have a look at the pics:

This was the result: 1 NORTHERN GANNET, many Ruddy Turnstones, a group of 34 WHIMBRELS, YELLOW-LEGGED GULLS everywhere, 1 Mediterranean Gull, 1 RING-BILLED GULL(vagrant), 2 Arctic Terns, Collared-Doves, Swifts, House Martins, 2 EUROPEAN CRAG MARTINS, Black Redstarts, SPOTLESS STARLINGS, new supspecies of European Jay, Black Redstart, Goldfinch, Great and Coal Tit